Top 50 Songs of 2016

This is a compilation of Usually Just A T-Shirt’s best 50 tracks of the last musical year…and a crippling realization that “2 Phones” in fact came out as a single in 2015, and thus cannot be considered for this prestigious compilation two years in a row. Thank you for reading and listening to the Spotify playlist that has been conveniently put together for your listening pleasure. The top 50 records of 2016 will soon follow.


50. The Weeknd – Starboy

Daft Punk-y

49. Chris Farren – Say U Want Me

48. Joyce Manor – Angel In The Snow

Regular punk-y

47. Trentemoller – Circuits


46. Mitski – Your Best American Girl


45. Desiigner – Panda

Broads in Atlanta, a new series by Donald Glover…new episodes Monday, only on FX

44. Tegan and Sara – U-Turn

Pop perfection…every T&S has at least one song that fits the bill

43. David Bowie – Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)

That breakdown is Joga-esque

42. Avion Roe – Jettison Tears


41. The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation

Alex Turner is very overrated, except for when he’s not

40. Midnight Faces – Blue Haze

39. The Tallest Man on Earth – Time of the Blue

Singles from KM to curb my enthusiasm

38. Gloss Coats – Through Hardship to the Stars


37. Dan Lissvik – M


36. Anderson .Paak – Comedown

NBA bump music to bump to

35. Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles


34. Oathbreaker – Second Son of R.

Scandinavian blackgaze

33. Touche Amore – Skyscraper

Hospice for hardcore kids

32. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Magneto

One more time with feeling

31. Drowners – Don’t Be Like That

Frenchkiss groov-y

30. Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

Indie-rock one-two drum beat

29. Kevin Morby – Dorothy


28. Foster Body – Touching and Moving


27. Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You

26. Eliot Sumner – Information

Sting’s daughter-y

25. HONNE – Good Together

Remixable x100

24. The 1975 – She’s American

Urban Outfitters-y

23. Warpaint – Today Dear


22. Trevor Sensor – Texas Girls and Jesus Christ

21. The Black Queen – Maybe We Should / Non-Consent

Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails

20. clipping – Shooter

Hamilton, but the other guy

19. FEWS – Drinking Games

Riffs that get stuck in your head

18. The Jezabels – Unnatural

Huge chorus-y

17. Kanye West – Feedback

Name one genius that ain’t crazy

16. Drugdealer – Easy to Forget

Ariel Pink-core

15. Body of Light – Comedown


14. Andrew Bird – Capsized

13. Danny Brown – When It Rain

Bleep n’ bloop samples

12. Rihanna – Work

Now with TWO music videos

11. Kishi Bashi – Flame on Flame (A Slow Dirge)

Carry On Phenomenon pt. 2, Electic Boogaloo

10. SILENT – Self

The male counterpoint to Savages, “Self” is equally as intense, and forever inviting to the raw emotion that pervades A Century of Abuse.

9. Frank Ocean – Self Control

An immediate highlight on Blonde, the multi-part Frank harmonies at the end of “Self Control” are a thing of beauty.

8. Whitney – Golden Days

My personal Summer playlist, Whitney churned out one feel good, sunny weather anthem after another on Light Upon The Lake.

7. Preoccupations – Stimulation


If there was anything redeeming about Preoccupations’ follow up to last year’s Viet Cong, it was the progressive darkness that made “Stimulation”, still a product of an endless list of post-punk influence.

6. Atlanter – Light


An indie-rock gem of guitars, reverb, and electronics, reminiscent of bands like Grizzly Bear, just with a European flavor.

5. The Hotelier – Soft Animal


More desperate screams of angst from one Christian Holden make for possibly The Hotelier’s best song yet. Certainly better than the naked people on their album cover.

4. Mild High Club – Skiptracing


Infinitely chill, “Skiptracing” is a lesson in slide guitar solos, but also for sitting back and relaxing with a cold one.

3. Radiohead – Daydreaming


Radiohead’s evolution into classical influences reigns true on “Daydreaming”, complete with enough conspiracy to keep superfans on the edge of their seats interpreting every little detail of the lyricism and music video.

2. Bon Iver – #29 Strafford APTS


Justin Vernon’s complete anthology of vocoder adventures churn out a winner, both for it’s beautiful songwriting, but also for being one of the easier songs to spell out from 22, A Million.

1. Lobby Boxer – Shine Like Fire


Proggy pop-punk sounds pretentious enough to work. For Lobby Boxer, that means sending off Big Bucks with a grand slam of a song in the anthemic “Shine Like Fire”.



Peace and Love,


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